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School & College Management System (ERP)

Saral is the ideal choice for your School, your College and your online education system. Create your online path to manage your business and options, and menu features.
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We are a passionate Manage System from
Nepal. Set ahead to make you & your system digital
design & web development

Saral Tech’s school & College management software is a cloud-based school system that manages all elements of schools & College, including students, courses, exams, teachers, and employees in a single platform. Our software automates and streamlines almost all school-related activities, making it easier to keep records clean, complete, organized and easy to retrieve. This system helps to improve communication between the school, its students and their parents. Quick communication, transparent operations and flawless administration will surely make your school & College smart.

  • Dashboard
  • Multiple Login
  • Staff's Management
  • Teacher's Attandance
  • Student's Attandance
  • Accountancy
  • Online Payment
  • QR Payment
  • Academics
  • ID Card Making Facality
  • SMS Services
  • Mobile Application
  • Backup Services
  • GPS System For Busess
  • 24/7 Support Services

Recent Online Education

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Howdy, we are Saral Tech, we have brought together the best quality services, offers, For Schools & Colleges!

Learning system

All sections required for online and cloud-based to Saral.

Works all mobile devices

The most important feature of this Application is that it is compatible with all mobile devices. Your customers can also visit your site easily from tablets and phones.

User Dashboard

We designed the design of all the school & College needed for the users.

Compatible HTML5 & CSS3

HTML5 is a markup language used for structuring and presenting content on the World Wide Web. It is the fifth and current version of the HTML standard.

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Bootstrap Framework

Bootstrap is a technique of loading a program into a computer by means of a few initial instructions which enable the introduction of the rest of the program from an input device.

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Recent News

Recently because of COVID -19, Education sector is mostly affacted so Government is also trying to make digital way od

Regarding Online CLasses

Governmevt of Nepal also focusing to make education sector digital. Government allow all the private sector school & college to make online classes.

Online Payment(QR,Bank Transfer)

Now a days beacuse of COVID-19, paper money cand spread virus from one pace to another so use new technology for payment. It easy and instant payment method.


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